Listing URL after URL in an email, on your website, in your online profile, in printed materials, or anywhere else could wind up looking messy and confusing, especially if the URLs are long and complicated. On something like Twitter, listing out several URLs may be outright impossible due to character limits.

URLBunch aims to remedy this problem by bunching multiple URLs into just one handy, compact link. Like a typical URL shortener, a URLBun.ch link will save space wherever you publish it, and look a lot cleaner. The difference with URLBunch is that you can include multiple web addresses all in the same small URL.

Pack a whole bunch of links together and share them with one small link. It’s a useful free service when you want to share a number of links with someone through social outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, MySpace, etc. It’s just easier to share that way.

Bunch links together for easy sharing